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To apply - what does it mean?

Do you have the right approach?

Even in the medical field, an excellent application has crucial significance.

"To apply" actually means to promote yourself. Your task is to draw attention to your personal strengths and qualities. In order to do that, you should be sure of yourself and your approach.

A successful application has a lot to do with the right attitude. It is important to neither be too self-critical nor too boastful. The authenticity of your application is pivotal. Too much self-criticism will hardly be appealing. Being sure of yourself is the key to convincing others of your qualities. On the other hand, applicants who tend to be self-glorifying will lose credibility and risk to raise expectations that they will eventually not be able to meet.

An application dossier that reflects a true image of you is the perfect application.

It is essential to customize your application to the particular vacancy. That will show your future employer that you have seriously reviewed the job requirements, which puts your potential employer and the solution to their problems in the centre, instead of yourself.

Your future employer will invest trust in you if they are fully convinced you are the right person. You need to make sure that your application clearly articulates the benefit you will bring to the respective hospital.

Writing an application means far more than simply compiling a CV. It is about reflecting about yourself and about your aspirations and career goals. Creating an application implies considerable effort and time. The fact is: if your aspirations are to take you above average, you are to make greater efforts to get there!

There is no such thing as the one and only correct application. SCHERL & PARTNER have compiled some important advice and tips which can determine the success of your application. Remember: your application is an advertisement of yourself.

Advice and tips for your application

  • The first impression of your application must be a positive one. Therefore, the visual layout or design is of particular importance, especially for executive positions.
  • Get creative and tailor your application to the special requirements of the company.
  • Your application must express clearly and unmistakably who you are, what you want, what your skills are and how the clinic, hospital and patients will benefit from you.
  • You have to stand out from the competition of applicants, so your application must display individuality and excellence.

With best wishes for a successful application