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Headhunter Osteuropa

Staff search in Eastern Europe – how does it work?

We work locally, which means that we and our Eastern European partners identify potential applicants in their respective home countries. Once the applicants have submitted all the necessary documents, they undergo a pre-selection process and a personal interview. Potentially eligible applicants are then selected by the project manager in cooperation with our local partner. We follow this pattern to ensure that the applicant’s qualification matches your requirements and that the applicant has the personal qualities your job profile asks for. Another benefit of this procedure is the mitigation of costs.

After that, the carefully selected candidates are presented to you in writing, along with an appraisal and advice for the invitation to Germany. The following interview, conducted on site, will be accompanied by the project manager, who will also be there to moderate, if desired. Upon request, we will also support you in the subsequent contract negotiations.

As you can see, professional staff search requires minimum effort on your behalf, because we handle all issues of organization – as far as permitted – for you.