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Headhunter Osteuropa


Our consulting work is guided by sound principles developed to generate mutual success:

  • SCHERL & PARTNER exclusively act on behalf of company's mandate. We disapprove of soliciting candidates' documents. Such procedures conflict with our work ethics.
  • SCHERL & PARTNER will only accept assignments for which we can provide the necessary capacity and expertise to complete them successfully.
  • The sole responsibility for each project remains with SCHERL & PARTNER and is never passed on to any third party.
  • Before SCHERL & PARTNER accept an assignment, we make sure to inform our clients of all potential risks, restrictions and clashes of interests.
  • Our experience in qualified direct recruiting of medical specialists and assistant physicians provides us with the technology to target the right candidates and guarantee superior hires.
  • In the direct search of eligible medical staff and specialists, SCHERL & PARTNER provide individual, competent counselling and consulting of both clients and candidates.
  • SCHERL & PARTNER will only invite qualified candidates who have been interviewed and consulted beforehand. This procedure ensures that you will only be presented with candidates whom we have met in person.
  • Due to our high standard of service, we do not charge contingency fees. We precontract a fixed fee with our clients for each recruitment assignment based on estimated professional time. The fee is invoiced according to project progress.
  • Confidentiality is fully guaranteed. SCHERL & PARTNER commit to handle all clients' and candidates' information obtained in the recruitment process with utmost confidentiality.